«El espíritu de las plantas»

August 5th – September 4th ’22

Although the camera is suspected of only being able to image the surface of objects, it is quite obvious that with its help it is possible to trace the nature of things.

«El espíritu de las plantas #8357»

Of course, it is necessary to transcend conventions and habits in order to shake up the well-known view of the world. The “loving eye“ is required when the surface of phenomena is to be penetrated and their depths explored. In some mythologies, plants are referred to as the oldest ancestors of humans. No doubt that we cannot live without their help. Giving your spirit visual expression is the intention of the shown series. Meeting him today is neither a matter of course, nor is it easily possible: Simple considerations of usefulness and analytical and therefore only apparent knowledge block the view. So there is patience, waiting for meditative emptiness of thought and for the willingness of these beings to show themselves. Then, however, the joy about the enormous enrichment of one’s own world view can be great.

«El espíritu de las plantas #9304»

See it in the group exhibition
„Photography is (not) art”
David Anderle
Andreas Biedermann

Opening: Fr, August 5th ’22 19:00
End: So, September 4th ’22
Opening hours: Do-So, 14:00-18:00
Hauptplatz 7 (main square)
3830 Waidhofen/Thaya

Talking about my images, generally about photography and about wrongly mounted lenses (video in German, 37 min):