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“Unforeseen information“

Previous exhibition
April & May 2019

In the age of comprehensive programming the question for freedom arises anew posed through playing against programs. Following this idea of Prague-born Vilém Flusser “Unvorhergesehene Information/Nepředvídaná informace” (“Unforeseen information”) shows photography which supposedly was not intended by the photo industry and not considered by their advertising agencies.

Cross-border group exhibition at two places, curated by Subhash and Jiří Tiller Read more


Projections in Allentsteig

Previous exhibition

Projections on the front of the “Lichtspiele” in Allentsteig (Waldviertel, Lower Austria) can currently be seen. I contributed some short videos and pictures. The projections run in December 2015 from nightfall till 10pm until Christmas with rotative subjects. Read more

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