“Unforeseen information”

Comming exhibition

In the age of comprehensive programming the question for freedom arises anew posed through playing against programs. Following this idea of Prague-born Vilém Flusser “Unvorhergesehene Information/Nepředvídaná informace” (“Unforeseen information”) shows photography which supposedly was not intended by the photo industry and not considered by their advertising agencies.

Cross-border group exhibition at two places, curated by Jiří Tiller and Subhash

Muzeum fotografie
a moderních obrazových médií

(Museum of Photography & Modern Visual Media)
Opening: Fry, April 12, 2019, 5 pm
End: Sun, May 26, 2019
Kostelní 20/I – jezuitská kolej (Jesuit College)
377 01 Jindřichův Hradec, Czech Republic

Opening: Sat, April 13, 2019, 7 pm
End: Sun, May 26, 2019
Karlsteiner Straße 4
3812 Groß Siegharts, Austria

Barbora Bálková
Miloslav Čejka
Josef Hník
Ulrike Königshofer
Mária Kudasová
Fritz Simak
Matthias Staudinger
Jiři Tiller
Luděk Vojtěchovský
Christoph Wiesinger
Robert Zahornicky

„Positionierung #3182-84”

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